School of Fashion at Sanda Sets up Academic Training Camp on the theme of “Frontier Trend for International Fashion”

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Source: School of Fashion    AuthorZhibo Wu    Editor   in Charge:Panpan

Translated by LianpingHe

The   Academic Training Camp on the theme of “Frontier Trend for International   Fashion” is convened at School of Fashion recently.The keynote lecturer for the program is Mr. Tony   Rosella, Chairman of Department of Fashion, University Of Hertfordshire, the   United Kingdom in delivering the instruction. Ms. Wenli Fei, our young faculty in   Fashion School is working closely with him. 65 sophomore students, after two weeks of teaching,   leaning and practice, will accomplish a set of garment designed by each of   the students themselves.The   outstanding work will be displayed on April 18th at the graduation   on the catwalk.

The Academic Training Camp on the theme of “Frontier Trend   for International Fashion” includes keynote lectures, site visits to new   material market, participation in the Shanghai Fashion Week, visit of International   Fashion Education Center to learn about the technology of Interactive 3D Body   Scanning, and others. Mr. Tony Rosella started his first class on April 6th,   the beginning of a series of lectures delivered entirely in English, on “The   Application of Hi-Tech in Garment Designing” involving aspects of materials   for name-brand garments such as North Face, Levis and etc., the importance of   environmental friendly materials, waste recycling and other issues. The   Keynote lectures also include topics of “Inspiration with Texture Effect and Use   of Special Materials”, “Exploration of Creative Tailoring”, and “Creativity   is not Copying: the Future of Garment Designing”.In addition, the owner of famous blog Timothy   CFB is invited to come to the classroom to talk about fashion circle, giving   students one-to-one tutoring. The work of Mr. Tony Rosella is known to   include teaching Interdisciplinary studies and giving tests to graduate   students. He has been working in the fields of academic and garment industry   for more than 22 years, possessing tremendous experience and made a special   contribution to the application and research of the technology of Interactive   3D Body Scanning.

Ms. Wenli Fei explained that the purpose   of the introduction of international curriculum into Sanda is to enable   students to be truly in line with international standards and   the information of current fashion as well as to put them into practice, with   their understanding of international fashion not to be limited or confined in   text books. She believes that fashion is racing with time. The two-week   curriculum is highly intensified, not only making students familiarize   themselves with “Fashion” environment and atmosphere but also broaden their international   perspective, develop their spirit of team work, and quickly enhance their   abilities of innovation and resolving problems.At the same time, she feels that this type   of teaching and learning is also very challenging to teachers themselves.She expressed her happiness that the   students have all accepted and indulged themselves into this rhythm when the   curriculum is half finished.

Mr. Hong Cheng, Deputy Dean of School of   Fashion believes that the international cooperative curriculum is not only   limited to the course requirement and delivery of knowledge, but also   emphasize the cognition of fashion design under different cultural background.   He hopes that the students will be able to establish the advanced and correct   thinking and method of fashion design through the curriculum learning   designed in series for 4-year university studies, which is believed to be the   fundamental of design education. The cooperation in international curriculum   this time is also based on this goal, emphasizing the importance of the   application of new materials, new technology and creative thinking in the   works of students, which is also constantly encouraged by the education   reform of the school.

It is reported that International Fashion   Education Forum No. 2 “Innovative & Talented Youth” Graduation Show on Students’   Works of Creativity and Innovation in Garment Design   will be conducted on April 18th, 2017 at Bo Yin Building, Huai Hai   Middle RoadShanghai.

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