Sanda and the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong Conduct Academic Cooperation and Exchang

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SourceSchool of   Fasion;ArthorJingyu Dai; Editor in Charge:   Zhibo Wu

Translated by Lianping He

Dr. Hongzhi Chen , Professor and Dean of School of Design and   Environment and Dr. Huijing Zhu, Professor and Head of Department of Fashion   Designing from the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong   came to visit Sanda on March 29th and were warmly welcomed by Dr.   Qiaoping Jia, Vice President of Sanda.Dr. Xudong Zhou, Dean of Sanda School of Fashion and Dr. Hongzhi Chen   signed a cooperative agreement on behalf of the two institutions to explore   in-depth cooperation in the field of fashion education.

Dr. Qiaoping Jia presented an introduction to the history of Sanda University and fruitful achievements in scientific and academic reform   and development at the signing ceremony. Dr. Hongzhi Chen in turn expressed   that the curriculum offered by the School of Fashion Designing at the   Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong such as courses of   Fashion Designing, Image Designing, Accessories Designing, Fashion Purchasing   and Fashion Communication are all basically identical with those at Sanda,   laying a solid foundation for the two universities to work together in close   cooperation in the further in terms of nurturing talented students and other   related areas. The Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong   is ranked as No. 2 best institutions of higher learning in entire Hong Kong   in the field of Fashion Design and other related specialties, tremendously   enjoying good prestige and reputation both in Hong Kong and in the world.

It is reported that School of Fashion at Sanda will introduce, from May 15th to 22nd, the academic curriculum in the   field of Fashion Brand Designing from the Technological and Higher Education   Institute of Hong Kong as well as its faculty to be merged into Sanda   curriculum of Fashion Designing which is originally intended for sophomore   students.Both universities have jointly designed a 7-day academic program offering the   course of Business Plan Designing for Garment Branding to be taught jointly   by both Hong Kong and Sanda facultyto the two classes of students who have   already completed courses of Clothing Material Science, Garment Manufacturing   (dual certificates), Garment English and other related courses. At the same   time, the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong will also   send 15 students to come to Sanda School of Fashion to learn Garment Plate   Making, sharing classrooms and interacting with Sanda students.


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