Agreement Signed Between Sanda and Children’s Hospital of Shanghai

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Source: School of International Medical Science and Technology

Reporter: Zhu Lin

Editor: Pan Pan

On April 6, a signing ceremony was held in Room 209 of Teachers’ Activity Center in Sanda. Parties present at the ceremony were Sanda University and Children’s Hospital of Shanghai. President Li Jin and Vice President Liu Haifeng of Children’s Hospital of Shanghai signed the agreement. Two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation in areas of talents training, teacher training and academic exchange, etc. Those who also attended the ceremony included Party Secretary Ding Jian and Director Lu Qunfeng of the Nursing Department from Children’s Hospital, Deputy Secretary and Vice President Wang Fuming, Dean Xu Yan from School of International Medical Science and Technology and Director Lou Binchao from the Academic Registry. The ceremony was hosted by Deputy Dean Zhao Aiping from School of International Medical Science and Technology.

At the signing ceremony, Dean Xu Yan firstly addressed that there was an increasing need in society for pediatric nurses as the gradual implementation of China’s two-child policy. She further stressed the importance of two parties’ cooperation in equipping undergraduates majoring in nursing with proper attitudes towards child nursing, with knowledge and expertise. After a series of deliberation with experts, Sanda has opened pediatric nursing courses and has recruited 58 students. Dean Xu pointed out that pediatric nursing provided a golden opportunity for a comprehensive cooperation between Sanda and Children’s Hospital of Shanghai. It was their joint objective to train qualified applied pediatric nursing talents with special expertise.

Party Secretary Ding Jian praised the move to cooperate with Sanda in building pediatric nurses team. He said they had the same running principle and the Hospital would take active measures in establishing platforms and providing support to Sanda.

President Li stressed the significance and objectives of two parties’ cooperation. He said that Sanda placed great emphasis in cooperating with Children’s Hospital of Shanghai and would formulate practical teaching objectives and talent training schemes. He also stressed the importance of teamwork so as to complement each other’s advantages in the process of training pediatric nurses that served the hospital and society.

Translated by Men Haiyan

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