Moral Education Base Established in the Former Residence of Zhang Wentian

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Source: Students’ Affairs Office

Reporters: Liu Shugang, Chi Chunli

Editor: Huang Yiwen

On March 22, the opening ceremony for the moral education base in the former residence of Zhang Wentian (hereinafter referred as: the Residence) was held by Sanda and the Administrative Office of the Residence. Forty teachers and students attended the ceremony.

Director Ruan Jianping of the Administrative Office of the Residence showed in his speech that he was pleased to jointly establish the moral education base with Sanda. He introduced that the Residence was a site for patriotic education in Shanghai and was also a key historical site under state protection. At present they were engaged in a series of activities in promoting the Residence and the spirits of the great revolutionist Zhang Wentian. For example, books about Zhang Wentian were about to be published, items for exhibition in the Exhibition Hall renewed and itinerant exhibition about his great achievements held. He hoped that more Sanda volunteers would participate in these activities.

Liu Shugang, Deputy Director of the Students’ Affairs Office expressed his gratitude to the Administrative Office for offering invaluable moral education resources to Sanda students. He hoped that two parties would conduct regular exchanges and jointly plan education schemes under the principle of equality, mutual benefit and co-construction.

After the opening ceremony, participants watched videos about the historical records of Zhang Wentian and paid a visit to the Exhibition Hall.

Translated by Men Haiyan

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