School of Art and Design Won Milan Academy Award

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Source: School of Art and Design

Reporter: Xi Yueliang

Editor: Shi Qiang, Pan Pan

Winners have just been announced in the 2017 Milan   Design WeekExhibition of Excellent Works Produced by Chinese Universities.   Sanda University has been awarded the title of “Excellent Organizer”. Eight   students from School of Art and Design were presented with 2 Milan Academy   Awards, 4 Awards of Excellence and 2 Nomination Awards.

This design week is a leading design pageant in the   world. Every year top-level design concepts and products from all around the   world gather here. It provides an important platform for top designers and   designing bodies to communicate. Over 2,000 pieces of works from 200 universities   have been submitted, 270 of which were finally selected for exhibition.   Awarded works from Sanda were from students Fan Yi, Pan Sijie, Cao Chenli, Zhang   Xinzhu, Gu Mengting, Ye Jiadong, Gu Yue and Hou Yue. Some of these awarded   works will be exhibited in Politecnico di Milano, Bovisa from 28th   March to 5th May.


Milan Academy Award: Presence/Absence By   Fan Yi;

Design for Love By Fan Sijie


Translated by Men Haiyan

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