International Exchange Meeting Between Sanda University and University of Hertfordshire of UK Is Held at School of Fashion

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  AuthorYuhuan Zhang   chief   EditorZhibo   Wu

Translated by  Lianping He

Dr. Qiaoping Jia, Vice   President of Sanda University, warmly welcomed

Dr. Megan Knight, Associate   Dean of School of Art and Design, University of Hertfordshire, the United   Kingdom, and Dr. Yvonne Yan, its Chief Director of China International   Partnership, at the conference room, 2nd Floor, Building F, Shanghai   International Fashion Center on March 22nd , 2017. The UK guests came to   visitSchool of Fashion for the purpose of conducting  meetings of discussion on the relevant issues of international cooperation between   the two universities. Prof. Hua Hua, Director of   International Cooperation, Mr. Hong Cheng, Associate   Dean, and Ms.Xue Jun Zhou Associate Dean, from Sanda School   of Fashion also participated at the meeting.

Mr. Hong Cheng, Associate   Dean of Sanda School of Fashion, and Dr. Xue Jun Zhou, Associate Dean made an introduction to the way   of the School of Fashion working jointly with companies and enterprises in   running the school and the way of cultivating the talented personnel to meet   the needs demanded by the market respectively, and expressed their hope to further   promote the advancement of academic disciplines and specialties based on the   principle of mutual benefit. Dr. Megan, after hearing the presentations,   expressed her strong agreement to the concept presented and showed high   interest in the way of combining both academic curriculum and industrial   projects and merging the knowledge and skills into the teaching and learning   process in school. He also sincerely expressed his high expectation for an   earlier and further cooperation with Sanda, believing that the concept of teaching   activities of the professional college and university should be oriented in   the direction of the market is also what University of Hertfordshire has been   advocating, and the basic stand the both universities share in cultivating   talented students is exactly the same.

The two sizes, through the   process of mutual understanding and mutual trust, reached a preliminary   cooperative agreement on joint cooperative academic projects, cooperation in   curriculum development in the academic studies of Fashion Marketing and   Design, jointly setting up a line of study of Fashion Communication, students   and faculty exchange, and other activities.

Dr. Megan visited Shanghai   International Fashion Center and its corollary equipment for teaching and   learning as well as for practical experience and experiment training. He also   expressed her appreciation and admiration for the beautiful campus   environment and superb conditions for practical training.

University of Hertfordshire   of UK, as reported, was established in 1952, one of the institutions of   higher learning endorsed personally by Queen of England.It is a modern and famous comprehensive   national university, one of the top largest institutions of higher education   in UK, offering more than 100 academic disciplines including BA, MA and Ph.D.   degrees and was once rewarded with a Queen’s Reward.

University of Hertfordshire,   known as “Cradle for Entrepreneurs and Engineers”, is one of the leading   institutions in British higher education circle with distinctive   characteristics of educational tradition and spirit of innovation, aiming at cultivating   practical talented personnel for engineering and technology as well as for   modern management.


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