Four Undergraduate Programs Approved in Sanda

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Source: The Academic Registry

Reporter: Yu Lijuan

Editor: Zhu Lin

Recently 4 undergraduate programs in Sanda have been approved by the Ministry of Education. They are Primary School Education, Mechatronic Engineering, Korean and Health Education. Up to now there are 34 undergraduate programs in Sanda.

The four programs are set up at the backdrop of the local economic and social development trend. The Health Education program, in particular, is the first of its kind in China. It is aimed at training inter-disciplinary and applied talents who can work in the fields of on-campus health education and management, psychological service providing, and disease control in primary and middle schools.

It is reported that these newly approved programs will improve the course structure in Sanda, and will meet the demand of regional economic development. Sanda will be soon devoted to building infrastructure projects, such as teaching resources, course books, etc. Emphasis will also be placed on student recruitment number control, course construction enhancement and talents training quality.

Translated by Men Haiyan

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