Industry-University Cooperation Base Established with Mandarin Morning

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Source: School of International Education

Reporter: Wu Zhibo

Editor: Pan Pan

On March 21st, School of International Education signed a contract with Mandarin Morning and inaugurated the open of the industry-university cooperation base and the base for training international Chinese language teachers. Present at the ceremony were Sanda Vice President Feng Weiguo, Yang Fenghua, founder of Mandarin Morning, Deputy Dean Fan Jianhua from School of International Education, Director Zhu Yuanchun of the University-Enterprise Cooperation Office and Manager Shi Lei of the TCSOL Awarding Office.

According to the contract, the two sides will make full use of their respective advantages in order to promote the Chinese language and culture, and to train more qualified Chinese TCSOL teachers. Cooperation will be made in areas of teaching, establishing training bases, promoting HSK, jointly running corporate group training and Chinese language summer camp, and setting up joint courses, etc.

Vice President Feng said that two parties would adhere to the win-win principle and strive to train more and more qualified talents for teaching Chinese as a second language.

Ms. Yang Fenghua introduced that since 2007, Mandarin Morning had accumulated many resources in foreign enterprise training and had the experience of teaching thousands of foreigners Chinese. She believed that their experience in training Chinese teachers would be helpful for Sanda students’ internship and career.

Mandarin Morning was founded in April 2007 and became the test center for HSK and HSKK in 2013. Mandarin Morning, East China Normal University and Mandarin House are the three qualified TCSOL test centers in Shanghai.

Translated by Men Haiyan

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