Teaching Seminar Held Between Sanda and Shanghai I&C Foreign Languages School

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Source: School of Foreign Languages

Reporter: Xiao Bai

Editor: Wu Zhibo

On March 15th, a teaching seminar was held in Shanghai Industry and Commerce Foreign Languages School (hereinafter referred as: Shanghai I&C). Present at the seminar were teachers from Department of English Teaching for Non-English Majors and Business English Research Unit from School of Foreign Languages in Sanda, and English teachers from Shanghai I&C. The two sides exchanged views on the expansion of university English teaching and the “High School—Undergraduate” continued education program. 

After a series of deliberation, representatives from Sanda planned to make more explorations on extended courses and in particular on the construction of Business English. They will establish more English business courses and will continue the humanity courses they are undertaking. Practical courses related to codes of conduct or language expressions in workplaces will also be added.

Wei Yunwei, Deputy Dean of School of Foreign Languages and Director of the Department of English Teaching for Non-English Majors said, “The course connection of the “High School—Undergraduate” continued education program and the linking-up of talents training scheme are the basis for a successful cooperation.” She plans to deepen cooperation and actively connect courses in the two education stages, in order to train applied talents with practical skills.

                             Translated by Men Haiyan

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