School of International Medical Technology, Sanda University Establishes Cooperative Relationship with School of Medicine and Health, Creighton University, USA

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School of International Medical Technology, Sanda   University Establishes Cooperative Relationship with School of Medicine and   Health, Creighton University, USA

Provided by Ran Zhang, Sanda International Medical   Technology

Edited by Zhibo WuTranslated by Lianping He

American Creighton University delegation led by Dr.Keli   Mu, Chairman of the Department of Operational Therapy, visited Sanda   University on March 10th, 2017 and established a cooperative   relationship with School of International Medical Technology, Sanda   University. Prof. Jin Li, President of Sanda University and the authorized   representatives from School of Medicine and Health, Creighton University signed   the Memorandum of Understanding of Cooperation, aiming at the enhancement of   the education quality and scientific research at both universities and, at   the same time, further developing exchange activities in the areas of   economy, culture and social environment. Dr. Jennifer Furze PT, Vice Chairman   of Department of Physical Therapy and Dr. Bobbi Greiner, Department of   Occupational Therapy, Creighton University, Prof. Yan Xu, Dean of   International Medical Technology School and Prof. Wenhua Chen, Chairman of   Department of Rehabilitation, Sanda University also attended the signing   ceremony.

The Memorandum of   Understanding states that International Medical Technology School, Sanda   University and Creighton School of Medicine and Health will engage in  academic cooperation in the fields of education planning, scientific   research, students and faculty exchange and training as well as other   academic activities.It is reported   that 4+2 Exchange Program between the two universities is just in progress   and many students apply to the program with great enthusiasm.

“Seminar on Modern   Rehabilitation sponsored by School of International Medical Technology and   American Workshop on Operational Therapy”, two-day event from March 10th   to 11th, 2017, was held on Jinhai Campus of Sanda University and   at Tongji Hospital affiliated with Shanghai Tongji University, professionals,   specialists and experts from both China and the United States examined and   discussed on the dilemma and prospect of operational   therapy.Dr. Keli Mu, Dr. Jennifer   Furze PT and Dr. Bobbi Greiner made the presentations respectively on Rehabilitation   Strategy for Metaphase and anaphase of Trauma and Stroke – American Guide, and   Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Nursing for Critical Patients at the Acute   Stage.

Workshop covers the theory   and field operation of occupational therapy, including the modern development   of operational therapy, functional training for bone trauma and bone marrow damage,   operational therapy for neural lesion and operational practice and training  for Bone trauma and brain function.

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