Cooperative Relationship Established Between Sanda and Creighton University

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Source: School of International Medical Science and Technology

Reporter: Zhang Ran

Editor: Wu Zhibo

On March 10th, a delegation headed by Dean Dr. Keli Wu from the Department of Occupational Therapy of Creighton University visited Sanda, and established a cooperative relationship with School of International Medical Science and Technology. President Li Jin signed agreements with delegates from the visiting university. These agreements were aimed at boosting education and research in both universities and in deepening communications in areas of economy, culture and social environment. Present at the signing ceremony were Deputy Dean Dr. Jennifer Furze PT from Department of Physical Therapy, Dr. Bobbi Greiner from Department of Occupational Therapy, Dean Xu Yan from School of International Medical Science and Technology and Department Head Chen Wenhua from Department of Rehabilitation Therapy.

According to the memorandum of cooperation, two parties will conduct cooperation in education planning and implementation, research, teacher and student exchanges. The “4+2” exchange program is in progress and students are active in registering for it.

After the signing ceremony, workshops on modern rehabilitation and therapy were offered in Jinhai Campus and Tongji Hospital. Areas like the recent developments of occupational therapy, the functional training of bone trauma and spinal cord injury, the treatment of nerve, bone and brain injuries were covered in the workshops.

Translated by Men Haiyan

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