Korean Changshin University Signs Cooperative Agreement with Sanda University

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Provided by Hua Hua, translated by Lianping He

Office of International Cooperative Programs


Dr. Byung-Do Kang, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Korean Changshin University, andhis delegation visited Sanda University on March 16th, 2017 and signed a cooperative agreement on jointly setting up a Confucius College as well as a Korean Language TrainingProgram.Prof. Jin Li, President, prof. Weiguo Feng, Vice President, Dr. Qiaoping Jia, Vice President and other relevant department leaders of Sanda University participated in the signing ceremony.


The two sides worked out a number of tasks for a certain period of time for days to come such as:

  • Setting up a 2+2 Dual-degree Program for students in the Department of Korean Language;

  • Setting up a Korean Language Training Program for Non-degree students;

  • Jointly establishing a Confucius College in Kyungnam Region, Busan, South Korea;

Prof. Jin Li, President of Sanda expressed his sincere hope that the international cooperation between the two universities will promote the further development of the Department of Korean Language at Sanda and provide the students with a better learning platform in order to create more employment opportunities and cultivate more talented people for industries and enterprises.


Korean Changshin University is situated in Busan, known as a small and refined institution of higher learning in Kyungnam Region, South Korea. The university recently established the College of Graduate Studies covering 4 academic fields of studies of Nursing, Social Welfare, Real Estate and Cosmetology, ready for the enrollment of students this year. Dr. Byung-Do Kang, Chairman of the Board of Changshin University expressed his hope that the relevant Sanda students could seek for overseas studies at Changshin through BA+MA programs. Sanda College of Foreign Language Studies also took the opportunity to engage in a meeting with Changshin University delegation on the 2+2 Program for Sanda undergraduate students at the Department of Korean Language .

Dr. Byung-Do Kang. Bingdao Jiang also visited the School of International Medical Technology with great interests, speaking very highly on the strength and potential of the institution for future development.


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