Associate Professor You Yunzhi Awarded the Title of Woman Pace-setter

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Source: Sanda Labour Union

Reporter: Wu Zhibo

Editor: Pan Pan

Associate Prof. You Yunzhi delivers the course of political and ideological education in Sanda. She is also the Deputy Director of the Department of Social Science in Sanda and Director of the Distinguished Teachers’ Workshop for the Political and Ideological Education in Shanghai Private Universities. She was awarded as Woman Pace-setter on this year’s Women’s Day. She has received a series of awards including Excellent Teachers, Shanghai Model Teachers, etc.

Associate Prof. You said that all problems confronting students, positive or negative, would be tackled in her course. She encouraged many students to regain their confidence after suffering setbacks in college entrance examination, in love and marriage, etc. Many students thought of her as “the soul engineer of mankind”. With her outstanding performance and noble professional ethics, she not only sets a good example for teachers in Sanda, but also becomes a model for teachers in Shanghai’s private education system.

Translated by Men Haiyan

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