Commencement Ceremony For Year 2017 Welcomes New International Students

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Author Miao Yi        Editor Zhibo Wu

Translated by Lianping He

March welcomed 12 international exchange students     from Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences of Germany, Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Keisen University, Famous Women Trying  University of Japan and Kookming University of Korea respectively. They will stay on Sanda campus for six months or a year, studying in the academic field of Chinese Language and taking the course of International Business Administration.

All international students participated in the Commencement at International Cultural Experience Center on March 2nd, 2017. Dr. Qiaoping Jia, Vice     President of Sanda University delivered a welcoming speech to the international students, wishing them a great success in their studies and a happy campus life through understanding in differences and efforts in seeking commonalities in each other’s cultures to create a harmonious international atmosphere.Two Japanese students said: “We love Sanda and we like Shanghai.And that is why we chose to come here again to learn Chinese language and culture.”

The head of Office of International Students gave a briefing of activities to the new students which is a 3-day orientation including the explanation on rules and regulations for international students, process of setting settled on campus in terms of food and lodging, guidelines for course selection and confirmation, campus visit, learning Chinese law through case studies, fire  safety education, accessibility to library, introduction to student societies and others.

Office of International Cooperation held a special event on March 3rd to welcome the new international students, inviting all of them to participate in a city tour of a few Shanghai highlights and points of historical and cultural interest.


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