International Women’s Day Celebrated in Sanda

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Source: Sanda Labour Union, Commissions for Women

Reporter: Sanda News Office

Editor: Shi Qiang

On March 8th, a series of activities were held in Sanda in celebration of the International Women’s Day.

One of the celebration activities was flower arrangement, held at the International Cultural Experience Center. “It provides a good opportunity for teachers to get to know each other as they work together and help each other in the flower arranging process,” said Zhou Dan, a teacher from School of Media.

Baking was another well-received activity. Female teachers tried to make all kinds of cakes and apple cheese pies by themselves.

As another form of celebration, Sanda Rhythmic Gymnastics Club was established on this day. Teachers can do rhythmic gymnastics from 11: 30 to 12:30 every Wednesday afternoon at the Student Activity Center.

Translated by Men Haiyan

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