Sanda Got Membership of China Education Think Tanks Union

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Reporter: Li Guang

Source: Sanda Higher Education Research Institute

Approved by China Education Think Tanks Union (CETU, for short), Sanda University has been recently listed as one of the first batch of members in CETU.

As a move to meet the strategic needs of the modernization of national education management system, the CETU was established by China Education Think Tank Network, an organization sponsored by the Planning and Construction Development Center of the Ministry of Education. It will be also aimed at promoting key national education policies and serving the construction of new education think tank. CETU will be devoted to providing services of information sharing, knowledge transmission, achievement promotion, etc.

In order to coordinate with CETU, Sanda will integrate resources of relevant sectors and make every effort to make intellectual contributions to the development of private education in Shanghai. It will continue to center on the inner development of non-profit higher education, on the construction of a private university of applied sciences and on the construction of a modern education system.

Translated by Men Haiyan

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