Students Taking Part in Ceramic Making Activity

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Source: School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Reporter: LIU Kaiyan

Editor: PAN Pan

On 4th November, organized by the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, more than 20 students visited Shanghai Masterpiece Ceramic Arts Exhibition and experienced the fun of making ceramics by themselves. Participants included both Chinese and international students from the Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria and other countries.

This event was held in Zhuowei 700 Creative Industry Center, one of the practice bases for Sanda students. Zhuowei 700 was one of the 18 cluster areas for creative industries approved by Shanghai Economic commission. Students had the chance to appreciate over 100 refined ceramic works. Under the guidance of professionals, they experienced ceramic making by themselves. They made full use of their creativity and spurred their innovation in sino-foreign cultural exchanges

This activity was also part of Shanghai Win-win Platform for Talent Training in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Industry. The project was aimed at providing a platform for universities, enterprises and communities, and providing opportunities for train young students’ ability in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Translated by MEN Haiyan

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