The International Forum on the Health of the Senior Held at Sanda

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Source: School of International Medical Science and Technology

Reporter: WEN Zixing

Editor: CAI Jingling

On 6th November, the 3rd International Forum on the Health of the Senior was held by the School of International Medical Science and Technology at Sanda. This forum was themed on focusing on the elderly and promoting care and rehabilitation for them. A number of renowned experts presented keynote speeches at this forum, including Prof. LI Jian’an, Academician of American Academy of Medical Sciences and former Chairman of International Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine, and Prof. Jenlin of Lu Weinberg School of Nursing of Memphis University. President LI Jin and delegations from other organizations in the medical field addressed the forum.

Based on their expertise and work experience, experts from both home and abroad shared their research findings and achievements in the keynote reports session. They have also put forward key issues that China and other nations have to be confronted with in the face of accelerated aging population. Solutions were also suggested.

This forum was well received by experts and practitioners in relative fields. In-depth discussion was held in terms of rehabilitation, care and psychiatric treatment, etc. Participants said that this forum helped promote the combination of nursing and rehabilitation and put forward a new way of thinking for supporting and caring the elderly.

Translated by MEN Haiyan

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