Overseas Students Interacted with Students on Jiashan Campus

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Source: Jiashan Campus

Reporter: XU Yihui LIU Wenqing

Photographer: SHENTU Hongji WO Kuangyi

Editor: WU Zhibo

In order to familiarize overseas students with traditional Chinese culture and enrich their relationship with Chinese students, 17 overseas students visited Jiashan Campus and carried out communication activities with first-year students.

FAN Jianhua, Deputy Dean of the School of International Education gave a brief speech at the ceremony. Then activities were actively carried out between students, including the singing of classic songs and dance performance.

Guided by KANG Linhui, a student learning Hospitality Management, foreign students paid a visit to the teaching and training center of the Hospitality Management School. Eager to take pictures, they were impressed by the decoration of the Hotel Operations Research Center and the Tea Culture Experience Center. Special interest was shown to the rich literature of Chinese tea culture and art.

After lunch, LUO Jian, a British student with over 9 years’ experience in China, shared his childhood happiness with students. He said that China was his favorite country and he wanted to stay here.

Deputy Dean FAN Jianhua pointed out that this kind of activity could contribute to a deeper understanding of Chinese culture on the part of foreign students, and to the understanding of Sanda culture as well. Visiting students showed that they liked the beautiful campus and were satisfied with the facilities in Sanda. They found Chinese students open-minded and easy-going. An unforgettable memory was left for both of them.

Translated by MEN Haiyan

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