Enterprises Recruiting Students at Sanda

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Source: Sanda News Agency

Reporter: LIU Jie YU Jing

Editor: HUANG Yiwen

On 26th October, the first Job Fair for Sanda students was held in the Quality Education Center in Sanda. Over 200 enterprises attended the fair, providing thousands of positions for students.

President LI Jin, Deputy Secretary and Vice President WANG Fuming went to the fair and talked with employers. They hoped that more opportunities would be provided for Sanda students. Student jot hunters were also encouraged to be confident in their interviews.

A lively atmosphere was observed on the job fair. With self-recommendation letters and resumes, applicants were active in communicating with enterprises. It was reported that a lot of these applicants were confident in finding jobs even though they were faced with growing pressure. “My ideal job was one which fitted my specialty. But I can consider other posts if there are some. I am confident about myself”, a fourth-year-student majoring in accounting told to the reporter.

This job fair provided various opportunities for students. Enterprises hoped to recruit applicants whose specialty met their potential positions. But if candidates could work hard and have a strong sense of responsibility, they could also give them chances. Many employers pointed out that one distinctive strong point of Sanda student was that they had much social practice ability, making them stand out from many applicants in other universities.

Translated by MEN Haiyan

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