Shanghai I&C Foreign Language School Became the Practice Base for Sanda Students

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Source: School of Foreign Languages

Reporter: HE Saiping

Editor: WU Qiuyun

Recently Sanda has established one of its practice bases in Shanghai I&C Foreign Language School. Eleven students majoring in English would soon begin their internship at the School. On 14th October, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages CHENG Xinghua and Party Secretary LI Hongbing of Shanghai I&C Foreign Language School launched the base open. Present at the ceremony were also Dean of School of Continuing Education WU Jianguo, Deputy Dean of School of Foreign Languages WANG Yuewu and President of Shanghai I&C Foreign Language School GAO Guoxing.

Dean CHENG Xinghua expressed his gratitude in the ceremony to the School for providing internship opportunities to students majoring in English Education. He said that this cooperation met the requirements of vocational-university continued education advocated by the Shanghai government. Shanghai I&C Foreign Language School was one of the key national vocational schools. So students were expected to cherish this opportunity and learn from experienced teachers of this School.

President GAO showed her welcome to Sanda interns. She hoped that they could be strict with themselves and set excellent examples to students. She said that I&C Foreign Language School would provide Sanda students with the best teachers in helping them prepare and deliver the lesson, in class management and in communicating with students. She believed Sanda students would put what they’d learnt in use in their school.

Teacher representatives from I&C Foreign Language School also addressed the ceremony. They expressed their welcome to Sanda students and planned to help them improve their abilities in class management and classroom teaching.

Translated by MEN Haiyan

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