Sanda Students Awarded in Advanced Mathematics Competition Between University Students

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Source:   Sanda News Agency

Reporter:   ZOU Siyu ZHANG Yujia

Editor:   CAI Jingling

On 26th October, JIN Mengwei, Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Mathematics Association and Chairman of Advanced Mathematics Teaching and Research Association gave a lecture entitled “The Function of Advanced Mathematics” to students on the Jiashan Campus. Vice President of Sanda FENG Weiguo presented awards to the 17 students winning in the Advanced Mathematics Competition Between University Students in Zhejiang.

At the beginning of the lecture, Executive Vice President CHEN Xinzhong announced student winners. Vice President FENG congratulated them by saying that winning this competition would add extra credit to their resume and hoped that more students would be engaged in the competition next year.

Vice Chairman JIN Mengwei believed that Mathematics, a language used to describe the world, came from life and was devoted to life. It played a part in life through vivid examples and these examples in turn showed the simplicity and utility of maths. He also believed that it was not hard to learn this subject and the key to mastering it lay in whether one could discover its charm. He encouraged students to be brave and conscientious in the learning process. He showed them the myth and power of mathematics through exercises.

In the interview Chairman JIN advised students to engage themselves in discussion when learning maths. He stressed the importance of autonomous-learning. A series of reference books were also recommended to students planning to pursue postgraduate education.

After the lecture, students had an active interaction with Chairman JIN. Some of them even discussed exercises with him. A student majoring in computer said he had learnt a lot though this lecture. In the maths field, the answers to a question could be varied and it was of great importance to think flexibly and specify abstract items.

Translated by MEN Haiyan

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