Eastday.com News: Huaqin School founded in Sanda: A Move to Train Popular Talents

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Source: Eastday.com

Reporter: LIU Yilin

Editor: BAO Yongting

On 20th October, reporter LIU Yilin from Eastday.com wrote an article about how to quickly turn green-hand graduates to experienced workers.Reporters from Eastday.com learnt from Sanda that it had founded Huaqin School in cooperation with CLPS, with a move to jointly train inter-disciplinary finance IT talents.

Universities can get to know the updated information technology and subsequently enhance their teaching method through cooperating with enterprises; in the same way enterprises can have talents of the right type through recruiting excellent graduates. Huaqin School was founded under this university-enterprise cooperation mode and would be jointly managed by leaders of both parties. Areas like teaching and research, students enrollment, teaching resources, establishment of labs and project application shall be discussed and covered.

CHEN Ying, Dean of the School of Information Science and Technology from Sanda introduced that inter-disciplinary finance IT talents are in great need with the advent of the internet age. They are required to be both good at finance and IT. Yet talents on this field are in urgent need nowadays and Huaqin School is aimed at training talents of this kind.

It is reported that Huaqin School shall introduce virtual banking platform which is specifically designed for finance IT talent training, and will simulate bank service and environment. The School will invite senior engineers from enterprises to teach students how to put what they’ve learnt into practice, to familiarize themselves with in the inner structure of banks and to develop team spirits and coordination and communication ability.

Link to the report: http://sh.eastday.com/m/20161020/u1ai9825780.html

Translated by MEN Haiyan

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