Twelve Tutors from Sanda Completed Pre-post Training

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Source: Students’ Affairs Office

Reporter: FEI Ge

Editor: CAI Jingling

Twelve new tutors from Sanda completed a five-day pre-post training during this summer vacation. This training was the 10th pre-post training for tutors in Shanghai private universities.

Keynote lectures on the trend for China’s current educational reform and development, on the significance and duties of tutors have been delivered to participants by experts from various fields, including Shanghai Education and Health Work Committee, Shanghai Education Commission, universities and societies from different industries. In the after-class discussion session, Sanda tutors exchanged their ideas and thoughts with private university tutors from 6 provinces by brainstorming.

Thanks to this training, participants could be prepared for the diversity and complexity of their future work. One of them said: “As a green hand on this post, the grave responsibility and heavy task were beyond my imagination. Yet once I have chosen this work, I am determined to serve students, the university and the society through putting my specialized knowledge and skills into full use.” After the training, these 12 tutors voluntarily founded a “Work&Study” Team. Though this form, they shall continue to learn from and encourage each other though they have to work in different departments or even on different campuses.

Translated by MEN Haiyan

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