The 2016 Graduation Ceremony & Bachelor’s Degree Conferring Ceremony Held In Sanda

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Source; Sanda News Publicity Center

Reporter: Cai Jingling

Editor: Wu Qiuyun

The 2016 Graduation Ceremony & Bachelor’s Degree Conferring Ceremony was in Sanda on 16 June. President Li Jin and other Sanda leaders like Zhu Shaozhong, Zhang Zengtai, Jia Qiaoping and deans of each faculty were present at the ceremony. President Li asked graduates to hold on to their beliefs in times of setbacks and cherish their hard-earned career and friendship. Party Secretary Zhu Shaozhong hosted the grand ceremony and representatives from graduates, teachers and students’ parents addressed the ceremony respectively.

Altogether 2,478 students were conferred Bachelor’s Degree. This year there were 368 graduates gaining Bachelor of Economics, 57 Bachelors of Law, 1,073 Bachelors of Management, 149 Bachelors of Engineering, 607 Bachelors of Arts, 149 Bachelors of Science, 68 Bachelors of Fine Arts and 7 Bachelors of Education. Among these graduates, 463 were awarded as Excellent Graduates, of whom 151 were honored as Shanghai Excellent Graduates and 312 Sanda Excellent Graduates.

On behalf of Sanda, President Li sent his hearty congratulations and earnest wishes to graduates and their parents. For graduates who were about to step into society, President Li put forward 9 keyword/key phrases concerning faith keeping, career launching and friendship maintaining: value, confidence, will-power, practicability, loyalty, efficiency, favorable mental state, appreciation for others and responsibility. He encouraged graduates to love themselves, love their families, their alma mater, their hometown, and love their country. “We all had an unforgettable experience in Sanda. Once we came to Sanda, we became an eternal member of Sanda family. I sincerely hope that you care for the development of your alma mater and support your alma mater, no matter what jobs you will do, no matter where you go and no matter how much wealth you possess. You are Sanda’s forever treasure and Sanda will surely take pride in what you’ll achieve in future”, said President Li.

After the ceremony, a series of celebrations were held.

Until 16 June this year, the overall employment rate in Sanda was 80.58%, among which the rate for undergraduates was 79.24% and for junior college students was 96%. Al these rates were higher than the average employment rate in Shanghai.

Translated by Men Haiyan

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