Sanda Students Won the 3rd Place in Shanghai Computer Application Ability Contest Between University Students

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Source: Computer Teaching Apartment

Reporter: Dan Dan

Editor: Wu Zhibo

After undertaking a series of auditions and two rounds of contests, 2 students won the 3rd place in the 8th Shanghai Computer Application Ability Contest Between University Students. One of the works was China Guide, designed by Ding Ping and Hu Xijing from the Faculty of International Studies and Liu Tianyou from the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management; the other was It Is High Time to Tackle Smog, made by Bian Yaoqi and Zhou Sifan from Shengxiang Business School and Liu Guanhua from the School of Management.

Directors from the Computer Teaching Department introduced that students in the department were actively encouraged to take part in this contest, whose object was to implement the directive given by the Education Ministry in innovating talent training mechanism in universities, to encourage university students to learn computer skills and to improve their integrated skills in using information technology. The two works have been recommended by Shanghai Education Commission to take part in 2016 National University Student Computer Design Contest.

Translated by Men Haiyan

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