A Fashion Show Held in Shanghai International Fashion Center

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Source: Sanda News Publicity Center

Reporter: Cai Jingling

A grand finale provided by 2016 graduates majoring in fashion was held in Shanghai International Fashion Center on May 30 and June 2. This fashion show presented excellent works designed by students from the School of Clothing and Apparel Design.

The theme of these designs was “Keeping Alive Our Dreams”, initiated by teachers from the Fashion School at the start of this semester. After a series of planning and practice, students finished their works under the guidance of their instructors. Altogether 70 costumes, made by 20 students and grouped according to the color and theme, were selected for the fashion show.

Although our Fashion School has a short history, the works from graduates have been consecutively praised by fashion experts and some of them even have been invited at the international stage. In April this year, the works designed by Dong Bingfei was selected to on display in Milan Design Week.

The fashion show started from an intriguing LED display produced by graduates. Combined with bright LED light, the works exhibited a high-tech chic style. The clothes were made from unprocessed soft wood, tactfully demonstrating the inter-dependent relationship between human and nature.

Ten foreign models invited by SIFEC—an enterprise in cooperation with Sanda and ten members of Sanda Etiquette Team were the models for the show. President Li Jin, Party Secretary Zhu Shaozhong, Vice President Wang Fuming and General Accountant Yuan Shuming watched the show and President Li deliveded a talk after the show.

The fashion show was presented again at the Quality Education Center for Sanda Students on June 8.

Translated by Men Haiyan

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