The Ninth Casio Cup Japanese Speech Contest Held in Sanda

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Source: Sanda News Center

Reporter: Li Chunlei

Editor: Cai Jingling

On June 2, the Ninth Casio Cup Japanese Speech Contest was held in the Xie Xide Hall of Sanda. After a series of fierce competition, Wang Chenzhu, Cui Shengyue and Ma Zhiwei won the first award, Shi Jiaxin and another two students the second price and Luo Xiao and another ten students the third price. Deputy Dean of the Faculty of International Studies and Director of the Japanese Language Department Shi Xiaowei addressed the Speech Contest and presented awards to the winners.

Altogether 17 contestants from the Japanese major participated in the contest. The jury consisted of Director Shi and other teachers and foreign teachers from the department, and teachers such as Wei Yuxiang from Shanghai Industry and Commerce Foreign Language College.

Every contestant had three minutes to present their speech and answer questions from the jury, all in Japanese, providing a good opportunity for them to give a full paly to their talents. They showed that their skills and spoken Japanese had been improved through this contest.

Two students from Shanghai Industry and Commerce Foreign Language College presented a live dubbing show during the contest, which won them warm applause from the whole audience.

Translated by Men Haiyan

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