Students from Thailand Korat College Learnt Chinese in Sanda

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Source: School of International Education

Reporter: Fan Jianhua

Editor: Wu Zhibo

On May 24, students majoring in traditional Chinese medicine from Thailand Korat College came to Sanda to learn Chinese. Their orientation ceremony was held in the International Cultural Experience Center of Sanda. Prof. Qi Huyang, Dean of the School if International Education addressed the ceremony.

Prof. Qi hoped that students could not only learn Chinese and Chinese culture at Sanda, but also get a good command of TCM. Zhou Ting, a teacher once working in Thailand Korat College, introduced the development of Sanda and gave her best wishes to the visiting students.

It is reported that President Li Jin visited the college and signed a cooperation agreement, according to which every year students would be sent to Sanda to study for one semester. Their course begins on May 23 and ends on July 25. In addition to Chinese learning, they will also have chances to visit Shanghai and its neighboring towns of interest, and to visit museums like Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum, etc.

Translated by Men Haiyan

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