Seminar on Software Testing Presented by Noted Entrepreneurs in the School of Information Science and Technology

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Source: School of Information Science and Technology

Reporter: Gou Ying

Editor: Cai Jingling

On May 17, Zhou Zhenyi, CEO of Imbus Shanghai and member of China Software Testing Certification Committee presented a seminar on “the ISTQB Software Testing in Enterprises”, to students from the School of Information Science and Technology.

Mr. Zhou said that software testing was a process to locate the bugs in the software tested. Software developers shall try their best to meet the requirements of customers. The job of software testers is to test whether the software meets customers’ demand. To put it simply, software testing engineers are quality inspectors and safeguards, responsible for the quality of the software developed.

Mr. Zhou firstly illustrated what software testing was and the developing trend in this field; students then interacted by asking questions, with sustained enthusiasm. This seminar sparked students’ interest in software testing and familiarized them with the status quo and future of this field, which further made them more determined in their chosen major.

Translated by Men Haiyan

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