Sanda Students Won Awards in the 8th University Student Design Contest

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Source: School of Art and Design

Reporter: Huang Zhenbin

Editor: Wu Zhibo

Students from the School of Art and Design has won the 2nd prize and  the “Popularity on Internet” award in the 2015 “Trendzone Cup” the 8th Shanghai University Student Design Contest. The School was awarded as the “Excellent Organizer”.

Over 50 national universities participated this contest, presenting 328 works in decoration design. The School of Art and Design has always been adhering to the principle of promoting practice and teaching through the form of contest in order to strengthen its connotation construction. Third-year students majoring in this environmental design were active in presenting their works. Altogether more than 40 pieces were submitted, among which 2 entered the final (there were 33 works competing in the final contest).

This contest was launched in 2005 by Shanghai Decoration Association and targeted university students in Shanghai. The aim was to promote their design practice, encourage them to put what they have learnt into use, train and improve their ability in innovation, facilitate inter-university communication and train talents in the decoration industry.

Dean of the School of Art and Design Xi Yueliang said it was a good experience for the School to participate in this high-level contest. The excellent performance of their students showed that the teaching quality was acknowledged by the society and the School would continue strengthen their connotation construction in the future.

      Translated by Men Haiyan

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