Delegation from Guangdong Peizheng College Visited Sanda

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Source: Student Affairs Office

Reporter: Zhong Weilin

Editor: Cai Jingling

On 12th May, a delegation headed by Vice President Cheng Wei and Dean of the Student Affairs Office Deng Hui of Guangdong Peizheng College visited Sanda. Deputy Secretary and Vice President Wang Fuming attended the exchange meeting.

After expressing her sincere welcome to visitors, Vice President Wang introduced Sanda’s development, characteristics and university-enterprise cooperation. Dean of Student Affairs Office Chen Chunfeng and Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Sheng Yi made a brief introduction to the student service in Sanda, the ideological and political education for college students in this micro-information age, the informs of supplementary classes, the experience and featured practice in innovation and entrepreneurship education. 

Vice President Cheng pointed out that Sanda had rich school-running experience, solid party construction foundation, and took the lead in innovation and transition field in Shanghai private universities. He also showed his appreciation for Sanda’s achievements in university-enterprise cooperation, in cooperation with foreign universities, in the establishment of self-learning platform and the construction of instructor teams, etc.

                                   Translated by Men Haiyan 

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