The First Rehabilitation Skill Competition Held in Sanda

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Source; School of International Medical Science and Technology

Reporter: Zhang Qi

Editor: Huang Yiwen

The first Rehabilitation Skill Competition was held in the School of International Medical Science and Technology on 12th May. This competition was intended to give full display of students’ talents and help them improve their medical expertise. Deans from the Rehabilitation Departments from 8 designated training hospitals were invited as judges.

This competition was open to all third-year students majoring in rehabilitation and treatment. Divided randomly into 4 groups, they displayed positive mental outlook and great enthusiasm. After fierce competition, 4 students, Fu Hao, Shen Chengbo, Lu Zhongfen and Ke Yaqi won the championship.

This competition was also meant for strengthening the practical skills and thinking capacity in rehabilitation therapy for third-year students, who were just about to begin their internship. Through simulating the real clinical treatment environment, they could experience the treatment process by themselves. Judges also gave detailed instruction to participants, which helped them improve their expertise.

Translated by Men Haiyan

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