The Ministry of Education Granted Three Undergraduate Programs in Sanda

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2016-03-03 Reporter: Pan PanEditor: Wu QiuyunSource: The Academic Registry

The Ministry of Education has announced the other day the approval results for the 2015-Higher Institution Undergraduate Program Application. Three programs, i.e. International Chinese Education, Network and New Media, and Software Engineering were granted in Sanda, making the total number of undergraduate programs reach 30 now.

Every year the Ministry of Education puts on record the application, public notification and approval of undergraduate programs presented by universities all over the country. The newly-approved programs in Sanda this year covers humanity and science. The International Chinese Education aims to train talents with strong language skills, rich humanity understanding, systematic bilingual knowledge, great cross-culture communication and innovation ability. The objective of Network and New Media program is to train applied professional personnel who have strong social responsibility, possess solid network communication theory and good interpersonal communication ability, and who are proficient in using network and new media technologies to write, edit, release web news. Software Engineering aims to train applied technical personnel who have a good command of IT theory, professional knowledge in software and its application skills, and are capable of developing and testing software.

In the list of newly-approved programs, 27 undergraduate programs in 13 Shanghai municipal higher institutions were announced, which reflects the general social need for professional talents.

Translated by Haiyan Men

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