The Delegation Headed by the New President of Rider University visited Sanda University

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On February 29th, the first day of the new semester, a delegation led by Rider’s new President Dr. Gregory G. Dell’Omo, Vice President James O’Hara and Professor Wang Minmin, Special Assistant to President, paid a visit to Sanda. The delegates made a tour of our school library, some classrooms of Art and Design School, training centers, Currency lab of Business School, Moot Court and International Cultural Experience Center. President Li Jin, accompanied by Vice President Jia Qiaoping and superintendents from International Exchange Office and Sheng Xiang Business School, held talks with the delegation in the afternoon.

President Li Jin welcomed Dr. Dell 'Omo for visiting Sanda. Li stressed that Rider is the most important cooperative partner for Sanda on the basis of the joint program in International Economy and Trade. He hoped that under the new situation the two Universities will go further in promoting the students and teachers development.

Dr. Dell 'Omo said since he took up the post last autumn, he felt the uniqueness of the cooperative program for the past 14 years between the two Universities and that Sanda’s beautiful campus and modern facilities had greatly impressed him. He pointed out that Sanda is Rider’s most important partner and his visit is to promote the joint program.

Then the two sides hold in-depth discussion on student recruitment, internship and exchange students, and put forward constructive suggestions and specific measures for future cooperation.

 After the discussion, President Dr. Dell’Omo and his party met students on the Sino-US.    joint program in International Economic and Trade at Sheng Xiang Business School. Vice  President James O’Hara introduced the advantages of studying at Rider University and answered many questions raised by the students with regard to studies, accommodation, and extracurricular activities at Rider. Through the interaction with the school delegates, students have learned more about the joint program and increased study interests.




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