Professor Qi Huyang of Sanda University Made an Academic Lecture in Ho Chi Minh City University of Education, Vietnam

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Translated by Zhou Ting, School of International Education

On the morning of December 23rd, Professor Qi Huyang, Dean of the School of International Education of Sanda University was invited to make an academic lecture entitled the Attributive Structure of Chinese Language in Ho Chi Minh City University of Education, Vietnam


Ho Chi Minh City University of Education is one of the two universities directly under the Ministry of Education in Vietnam and has long and strong academic relationship with some of the universities in China.

About 50 people attended the lecture including the teachers and students from the Chinese Department and other departments, even the teachers came a long way from other universities, Prof. Ruan Fu Lo, deputy director of the Chinese Department hosted the lecture.

This report lasted about two hours. Through a concise PPT, Professor Qi analyzed the syntactic structures, grammatical meaning and pragmatic conditions of Chinese attributive structure. He not only introduced the latest progress of Chinese language research in the academic field, but also shared his own academic experience and achievements with the audience. The interactive process of the report was particularly welcomed; teachers gathered together and kept discussing variety of questions with Prof. Qi. Not until the host reminded the participants time was up, did the discussion ended with applause.

According to the reflection of Ho Chi Minh City University of Education, this lecture did help the teachers and students to open up their academic visions and also gave them the opportunity to know the strong teaching and research ability of International Chinese teaching in Sanda University.

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