The Charm of Chinese Tea Art

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Written and translated by Zhou Ting

In the afternoon of November 27th, the School of International Education organized Chinese Tea Art lecture for international students in East China Normal University. Mr. Qi Huyang, Dean of SIE, Mr. Fan Jianhua, Vice-Dean of SIE, Ms. Cui Weizhen and Ms. Zhou Ting, teachers of SIE participated in that lecture. The lecture was given by Mr. Xu Lianghui, a professional trainer of tea art in the tearoom of culture and education bases.

This tea course contains basically 3 parts, namely, tea culture, tea etiquette and tea making. The international students studied while tasting, and enjoyed an archaic Chinese rhyme with all their hearts.

For the part of tea culture, Mr. Xu introduced the 3000-year history of Chinese tea briefly since Tang Dynasty to Ming Dynasty first. It was a history from origin to prosperous of Chinese tea. Next he guided the students to observe the colors, shapes and smells of green tea, black tea, white tea, dark tea, oolong tea and yellow tea respectively. Finally he presented the unique tea set which appealing to the foreigners the same as chopsticks.

As for the tea etiquette, Mr. Xu demonstrated it all through the lecture including dressing, posture, manner etc.

The most attractive part was making and tasting tea. Mr. Xu demonstrated the process of making tea step by step from tea set antibacterial to water boiling, from picking up bowls to putting in tea leaves, from brewing tea to serving tea. Students imitated each step carefully and vividly. And then as a representative of international students, Sayaka from Japan and Jarno from Netherlands put what they learnt into practice, and finally served the tea successfully to their classmates.

Being unconsciously influenced by the tearoom environment and the demonstration, the international students were immersed in a peaceful atmosphere which is also the core of traditional Chinese tea culture. Besides tasting tea, students also acquired Chinese culture coherently, profoundly and clearly.

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