Kookmin University in Korea visited Sanda

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On Nov. 11, Prof. Albert Daehyun Park, Associate Dean, International Affairs, College of Business Administration in Kookmin University, Korea visited us. Director Hua Hua in Internation & Cooperation and her assistant Ms. Ju Wei met him cordially.

Kookmin University has close relationship with Rotterdam University of Applied Science, our sisiter University in Holland. Introduced by Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, KMU visited us and hope to set up trilateral cooperation between three Universities. They are also interested in our International Business English program.


Situated in Soul, the capital of Korea, Kookmin University was founded in 1946. There are more than 20,000 student and over 700 high quality faculty members. Many graduates have become talented leaders throughout the country and the world. The faculty members have got fruitful results in teaching and research area. With the blueprints of Higher&Broader, KMU is mainly fostering the students with international visual and international research ability.


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