Wonderful Chinese Activity Course for Foreign Students

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Written by Cui Weizhen, Translated by Zhou Ting

                                                                                                  School of International Education

Every Friday afternoon is a time of happiness for both Chinese students and foreign students. They will gather together on the 3rd floor of International Experience Center to share different culture of their own country and chat randomly with Chinese language.

Last Friday afternoon they had a joyful time together again. Chris, a student from UK introduced his learning life in China especially how he practiced Chinese character writing and conquered all the difficulties in passing the HSK2 test with a high score of 184 out of 200. Now he is preparing for HSK3 and very confident to pass the exam.


Students from Holland came next. Vincent, Danielle, Sophie and Jarno introduced colorful Dutch culture respectively including the history, geography, food and dance. With the hotness music of Holland, they even presented the traditional but distinctive dance which opened the eyes of the participants and made them eager to join in.


And then Sasaki Kanan, student from Japan introduced the Lunchbox culture as well as presenting the foods she prepared beforehand to all. Things worth mentioning were that, she made the presentation by fluent oral Chinese and correct grammar from the beginning to the end. Students there were all amazed by her persistent industrious learning and her success in passing HSK 5 test within a short period of time.


The school of International Education has arranged this communicational course for both Chinese and foreign students 5 times already including chatting, seminar, and presentation etc. and received a warm welcome. Through this course Chinese students can have a chance of experiencing real foreign cultures while foreign students can acquire Chinese language in a more natural way. Therefore the activity course will continue all the time. And we believe this will help the students to speak more, know more and adapt to the life in China more easily.

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