Advice Received from Experts on the Establishment of Master’s Degree Program

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2015-11-19 Reporter: Lin LiSource: the Technology Office

Setting up master’s degree program is one of Sanda’s important tasks in the 13th Five-Year Plan in 2015. On 18th November, a workshop was held in Sanda. President Li Jin hosted the workshop and Director Shu Jinlong from Shanghai Academic Degree Accreditation Office explained relevant policies. Party Secretary Zhu Shaozhong and deans and vice-deans from secondary departments attended the meeting.





Four suggestions were put forward by Director Shu Jinlong regarding the construction of the master’s degree program in our university. Firstly, training high-level application-oriented talents needs double-qualified teachers: teachers with both senior titles and high academic qualifications, and at the same time having rich practical experience in enterprises. Secondly, the objectives of building master’s degree program need to be defined. Thirdly, research needs to be conducted on market demand. It is not suitable to set up programs that have been widely established previously or programs that are far ahead of the times. University- enterprise cooperation, industry-university-research cooperation and the construction of training bases shall be strengthened. Fourthly, according to Sanda’s future development, scientific planning shall be made, with step-by-step sustainable construction.

In light of the advice from experts, President Li Jin summarized that it is Sanda’s major task in the 13th Five-Year Plan to be entitled to accredit master’s degree, which is also one of the our foci in inner construction. Concrete measures will be taken soon afterwards. Firstly, we will select and focus on one or two batches of master’s degree programs. Secondly, a strong team of teaching faculty will be built. Thirdly, conduct research on the social needs and take into consideration career planning and regional planning, especially the employment opportunities in the job market. Fourthly, training bases will be built to develop training and science innovation programs. Fifthly, characteristics of our own shall be formed and systematic courses be established. Three principles will be embraced: one is the capability principle, meaning that practical conditions and our competitive advantage shall be considered. Another principle isfavorability, i.e. the aim to establish at least one master’s degree program. The third is the principle of sustainable development. Enhance Sanda’s overall strength on the basis of master’s degree program construction and prepare for the accreditation of that program in all fields.  


Translated by Men Haiyan


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