ITT Dublin Institute of Technology Tallaght, Ireland Visited Sanda

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Introduced by Shanghai Municipal Education Committee, Mr. Pat Coman, the Head of Development of ITT Dublin Institute of Technology Tallaght, Ireland visited Sanda on Nov.18th. Dirctor Hua Hua, International Exchange & Cooperation met with him friendly.

ITT Dublin Institute of Technology Tallaght is one of the 14 institutes of technology supported by National Education Ministry in Ireland. Its variety of specialties and certificate, degree courses satisfied different students and played a very important role in the local society.


Very similar as Sanda University, ITT Dublin Institute of Technology Tallaght was founded in 1992, situated in Dublin, the capital city of Ireland. There are three Schools, Business and Humanity, Science & Computer and Engineering. More than 6000 students, included full time, part time and international students. The Institute focus on the new technology and the development of the quality system as well as the fluency of modern language. It has advanced labs and studios.


Both of the parties introduced both institutes and expressed intentional exchange programs. They are interested in the cooperation with our School of Business, School of Tourism and School of Information Technology and at the same time they are interested in the English courses for the international students in the area if International Business and Information Technology. We are looking forward to the relationship between our two Institutes.

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