The New Semester Begins for the International Students

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Tanslated by Xie Yang

19 international students come from Bulgaria, England, Finland, Holland and Japan will study in our University from this semester. They will be in the English course programs in the major of International Business and Information Technology, at the same time they will learn Chinese language and Culture.


On September 14th, all the international students took part in the Orientation held by International Exchange and Cooperation Office. Vice President, Dr. Jia Qiaoping gave a speech. She mentioned that Sanda will create a well learning and living environment and took good care of the international students. All the teachers attended the meeting as well as some old students who shared their experience to the new students.


Based on the Chinese language proficiency of the students, they will be divided into two Chinese levels.

In the afternoon, the international students and some Chinese students gathered together at the International Cultural Experience Center. Students from Han Garments Club wore their beautiful and dainty Chinese traditional clothes there. They presented the history of Han Garments, and taught international students how to wear garments. After that, games and performances make all the students more familiar and close.



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