“Window of the World”----The Second International Cultural Festival & the Fifth Study Abroad Week

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                                                                                                                       Translated by Xie Yang

 On November 4th, the Second International Cultural Festival and the fifth Study Abroad Week of Sanda University were in full swing. Our Chinese students and international students prepared 17 show stood to exhibit different cultures and different food which includes Great Britain, United States, Spain, Australia, Finland, Holland, Bulgaria, Singapore, Japan, Korea and so on. Students and even some teachers were crowded in every show stands. A variety of food like Great Britain’s high tea, Australian desserts, Korean spicy fried rice cake, Spain’s taps and sangria, Finnish cookies attracted every student who walked by. Some international students also prepared quiz, game and interesting videos to show their own culture and introduce their universities.


It was an activity that students who tasted exotic food while experiencing a different culture and learned what they can’t from books. Huahua, Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation said, “This activity not only cultivates students’ cross culture communication skills, but also deepens the friendship between students.” Also, the International Exchange and Cooperation office provided consulting for study abroad program, including the introduction of study abroad, summer camp programs and so on.

On November 10th and 11th, Shi Xiaowei, Dean of Japanese Language School, Zhu Shaozhong, Secretary of the Party Committee will give speeches on Haruki Murakami in China and The Cultural Impact of the Study Abroad.
















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