Cultural trip to Ci Xi

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(Translated by Zhou Ting)

On November 7th. 2015, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange organized a Chinese cultural trip to Wu Lei Mountain Scenic Spot and Ming He Old Town, Ci Xi city for foreign teachers and students. Mrs. Hua Hua, Director of IECO; Mrs. Zhang Lefeng, Deputy Director of IECO; Mr. Fan Jianhua, Vice-Dean of the School of International Education; Ms. Zhou Ting, a teacher of SIE; Mr. He Lianping, Representative of Rider Universtiy USA and two Japanese teachers participated in that trip.

Wu Lei Mountain Scenic Spot is the birthplace of the earliest Buddhism in Zhe Jiang Province. This attraction encompasses three scenic spots, namely, the Cloud-hidden Stream, Lotus Garden, and Wu Lei Temple. Well-known for its serene environment, pleasant scenery, and numerous famous ancient trees, the Wu Lei Mountain Scenic Spot becomes an ideal and a place where you can relax yourself and free your mind from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. After crossing the 36km Hang Zhou Bay Bridge and climbing the mountain, the attraction presents itself before our eyes. With the Buddhism culture and natural scenery around, students all enjoyed the pleasant time.

Hang Zhou Bay Bridge


Wu Lei Temple


In the afternoon, November 7th, the team of international students arrived at a distinctive farm village. There they saw bridges, steams and pavilions of Jiang Nan Style, and took part in variety of intelligent team activities. They had a lot of fun there as well as acquired Chinese language.

Some foreign students took picture with the children visiting the farm


When darkness had fallen, teachers and students gathered together in the farm and enjoyed a barbecue party with music and dance.

Ming He Old Town is a 1200-year old humanistic view spot with pretty garden environment and typical Ming and Qing styles. It’s also the town where the lands are prosperous and the people are intelligent, and well known as a provincial level historic and cultural town in Ci Xi City. The foreign students walked down the street while listened to the introduction, and all were amazed by China’s ancient architecture and long history.



Teaching through the travel, foreign students have broadened horizons and increased knowledge. With the close cooperation between teachers and students, they finally had a grand view of China and a further understanding of Chinese culture.


Below are some pictures about the cultural tour:

(Ming He Old Town)

(Wu Lei Temple)


(Lotus Garden)




(Ming He Old Town)



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