Noted Teachers from Tongji University Introduced the Course of “Jewelry Appreciation” to Sanda Students

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2015-10-12 Reporter: SHI Qiang Source: the Academic Registry

Prof. YANG Ruzeng, expert in jewelry appreciation and gem identification from Shanghai Tongji University came to Sanda. Thrilled at this news, students in our university selecting this optional course spread this event among each other. On the afternoon of 9th, October, the Jewelry Appreciation course, a shared course developed by the Course Union of East and West Universities and Shanghai University-level Course Center, began to be taught in our multi-media classroom.




Prof. YANG Ruzeng is noted for his talent in identifying gems. Firstly, he made a general introduction to the course and familiarized the students with how to learn this course and how to attain a full mastery. Then, in a brief but in-depth way and with popular language, he introduced the difficult points in the appreciation of jewelry to our students.


As the main teaching venue, we had 160 students in the class and they made an active interaction. This course was broadcast to over 20 universities via the network platform  “Wisdom Tree”. More than 4, 000 students all over the country observed and learnt the course. It is reported that altogether 13 shared courses were introduced by our university in this semester and over 2, 000 students can have an in-person participation.


Translated by MEN Haiyan



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