International Student Welcome

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In the beginning of this semester, our university gave a warm welcome to 17 international students from England, Japan, Bulgaria, Finland and The Netherlands. 7 of them from Finland are enrolled in the double-degree programs of International Business and Information Technology. Others are exchange and language students who are studying major-related courses and Chinese here. 

On September 14th, all the international students took part in the Orientation held by International Exchange and Cooperation Office. During the Orientation, Vice-president, Mrs. Jia Qiaoping gave a speech. She mentioned that Sanda would create a well learning and living environment and care for each individual from abroad. Bilingual teachers who have class this semester introduced themselves to students afterwards. Next, new and old student representatives exchanged their opinions and feelings, of which a girl from Japan spoke very fluent Chinese to introduce her colorful and interesting study life at Sanda University.

After the Orientation, students attended Chinese placement test. According to their Chinese language proficiency, they are divided into beginner's level and intermediate Chinese proficiency level. In the afternoon, a cultural exchange activity was held by International Exchange and Cooperation Office. All the international students and some Chinese students gathered together at the International Cultural Experience Center. Students from Hanfu Club wore their beautiful and dainty Chinese traditional clothes there. They presented the history of Hanfu, and taught international students how to wear Hanfu. After that, games and performances make all the students more familiar and close. The whole center was also filled with joys and laughter.

International students’ learning consists of two parts, learning the Chinese language and their major courses. Language course is taught by the teachers from International Education School. And the major courses are mainly English courses offered by different departments of our university.

Translated by Xie Yang

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