We are the Ones to Pass on Our Cultural Heritage --- School of Management’s Tourism Cultural Festival

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May 19th, 2015

Written by Yizhou Lu, School of Management’s Student Union


May 14th was the 4th and last day of School of Management’s Tourism Cultural Festival.  To exhibit the national characteristics of our traditional culture, the closing ceremony started with Han dances. Student organization Deer’s Call Han Costume Club presented a costume show.  There were also performances like traditional instrument Zheng solo “Water Sprinkling”, skit “Negotiation expert”, “Those years” and the singing of the former “10 Best Singers” of Sanda.

       A highlight of the performances was the Han wedding of Deer’s Call Han Costume Club.  Han costumes are simple and elegant and the red wedding costumes are strikingly beautiful, attracting the eyes of all students who are used to seeing Western weddings. Yue People Dance Club’s fan dance accompanied its light and graceful dance with traditional instruments, exhibiting distinctive ethnic characteristics.  However this Tourism Cultural Festival covered much more splendor than what the closing ceremony showed.


Experiencing Folk Art and Traditional Culture


Noontime May 11th, with light drizzles, the tourism cultural festival started.  There were two activities on the day: Peking Opera mask painting and Chinese fan painting.

       Peking opera mask painting is a special facial makeup with cultural characteristics. Every historical figure and every type of opera figures would have a different facial pattern, just like singing and music performances need to follow their respective music compositions.

       On the white masks, participants started to paint the masks in their imagination.  Black eye sockets with dark pupils presented a dignified face.  Pulling up the mouth corners, the expression became treacherous right away.  These special painting techniques unique to China fully exhibit the life wisdom of Chinese people.
Fan painting was also one of the most popular entertainment activities of the ancient times.  It is not only entertaining, but also an activity for writers and poets to wield their writing brushes and to express their feelings.  To the phubbers and “thumb tribe” members, it is a rare opportunity of cultivating tastes and temperament. 


City Charm Exhibition

         Different classes presented various cities in varying ways.  Tourism and Hotel Management classes exhibited cities including Suzhou and Lhasa.  Tourism Management Class 5’s Republic-of-China style costumes and Chinese zither performance were particularly appealing to the visitors.  Classes of Food Quality and Safety Management, Project Management, Public Administration, and Labor and Social Security exhibited cities including Shanghai, Harbin and Nanjing.  Many classes chose local delicacies as their themes.  Public Administration Class 1 innovatively showcased typical Shanghai old lane games in their presentation.


Members of the School of Management’s Student Union said, even though prior preparation for every activity is tiring, it is worth it as long as it can attract people and leave the participants precious memories.  Some say that Chinese culture dates way back to the ancient times, we are the ones to carry our heritage forward.  We also want our splendid and marvelous culture to stand forever in the World’s East.  The tourist festival was short, but we hope the beautiful moments will remain in everyone’s heart.


Translated By Wei Ding

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