Successful Performance of Opera Thunderstorm of Campus Edition at our School

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Release Date: Apr. 7, 2015

Reporter: YANG Shuangshuang YUN Zhen  From: Propaganda Department of Youth League Committee


At 6:15 on Apr. 1, the Xiexide Theater was packed and the Activity of Elegant Art in Campus organized jointly by Propaganda Department of School Party Committee and Youth League Committee, originally created opera Thunderstorm (campus edition) was inaugurated. 



The opera Thunderstorm, adapted based on the famous drama written by CAO Yu, was a tragedy about a women living under the oppression of feudal forces who pursuits humanity freedom and love. Thunderstorm in drama edition was well-known in China. And Thunderstorm in the unique form of opera, downsized to 2 acts but still soul-stirring pace full of ups and downs, really intrigued and surprised teacher and students.

        With no accompaniment of audio, no microphone, the opera was just performed with human voice and complemented by a piano. The few stage props, two sofas and one table lamp, fully tested and revealed actors’ performance skills. Many students showed up before 6 o’clock. Actors’ rehearsal voice was audible at the back gate of the theater. Some students stood outside the theater and peered into the theater, trying to find out how the voice was made by the actors. Actually, stage management group began to arrange the site and over 40 actors started the rehearsal at 3:30 in the afternoon in order to prepare a wonderful performance for us.



Public Relations Department of School Student Union took charge of ticket check and order maintenance. A student used one word to appraise the opera: powerfulness. Grand aura, together with on-site music, vocal accompaniment and conducting deeply impressed and shocked whole audience. “Highlights of the performance were applauded by audience enthusiastically.” One student praised. Actors and actresses from Shanghai Opera House were so engrossed in the performance that only half an hour of performance made them drip profusely like raining. But the passion and attention of audience made this marginal. At the interlude, the actor playing ZHOU Ping kept sweeping sweat. “Sweat dripped into my mouth and I could only press my lips when turning my back to audience.” In spite of this, his performance still impressed audience, showing highly expertise and professionalism. Of course, the actress playing FAN Yi was the most-liked. She vividly and incisively conveyed the Lady FAN Yi’s ambivalence of resenting life and loving ZHOU Ping, the oldest son of the milord, but also moved everyone’s heart deeply with her plaintive and haunting singing. The player of Sifeng was the smallest in the cast, but the little figure exerted no influence on her high-pitched voice. All actors and actress were distinct with their own features. The backup singers, even just staying at the background, also stayed focused and performed eminently.



The last tune, the curtain of the conductor and exit of actors finished the opera with thunderous applause from the audience. All students hailed “FAN Yi, you are so beautiful!” Actors throwing back the bouquets presented by students heated up the Hall again.

        As the first special performance of Classical Art in Campus and the opening ceremony show of Campus Arts Festival, Thunderstorm won universal appraisal with professional actors, winding plots and exquisite background music and impressed students with charm of art. According to the head of the organizer and expanding excellent traditional culture, introducing outstanding art performance serve as one most effective promotion of creating favorable campus culture atmosphere and the important method to cultivate talents with culture.

Translated By Xia Qiao

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