Volunteering Service Accomplished Completely by Our 50 Little Skating Volunteers

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Release Date: April 1, 2015
Reporter: YUN Zhen From School League Committee 


2015 World Figure Skating Championship was held in Shanghai Oriental Sports Center from 23 to 29 in March. And the 55 little volunteers of our school, on the principal of “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and common progress; pursuit of excellence and with all-out effort; to win glory for our country and add charming to our city”, completed the volunteering service successfully.



During this championship, the 55 volunteers mainly took charge of the catering service in sports recreational area and for work staff. Starting as early as 5 o’clock in the morning and staying to 23 o’clock, they provided service and convenience for all skaters, coaches and work staff energetically in their position in turn. One volunteer in the catering area said “ we feel proud that we not only serve skaters but also volunteers ourselves”.

        Service of over 10 hours, carrying mineral water, refreshing food, supplementing food, cleaning tables and many other jobs, made them tired even they worked in turn. Even when couching in a corner and napping a while for rest, they were still unable to feel relieved from worrying about their work. The student LI Minzhi, working in the skating recreational area, worked almost every day and barely took a rest and stayed up late with bloodshot eyes, but he always replied in shyness, “Really? I am feeling OK. Girls are more tired and I just hope to leave them time to rest as much as possible”. Sometimes, the little volunteers at catering area could have their meal after 1 o’clock and even though starting work from 5:30 in the morning, they still hung in there. In the transient break, some read English books and remembered English words and some just closed up their eyes to refresh and store up energy. 


Contradictions exist everywhere and communication is an important way to solve them. At the first start, strange environment and workmates made everyone rather exhausted. When emergent events happened, it became congested in the service area and pace of work went disorderly and the work might become overwhelming for one to bear and pressure increased and the team went into a irritable mood. And Everyone understood gradually that it was necessary and sensible to communicate with the teacher in charge and work together with others when difficulty came out as well as the importance of cooperation. 

        Early on Mar. 27, WANG Fuming, the secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy President, and other leaders of our school came to visit our volunteers in Sanlin Sports Center and Oriental Sports Center and gave them each a badge made by the Youth League Committee of our school. A student told us that the school leaders visiting them on the raining day encouraged us to keep in an inspired situation to complete the volunteering work in the last few days effectively.


Smiling, smiling, these little volunteers smiled in each position, to everyone they met and in everything they did. “We are volunteers with working certificates and we smile to everyone out of our sincerity and love.” A volunteer student wrote in his after action reviews. Love generates friendship and smile. The volunteering work itself is a transfer of love. Without love, it would be cold. The world is in need of warmth and therefore requires love. In fact, devotion of anyone is contribution to the transfer of love.

       There was also love of security staff. “We volunteers had to start our work at 4 0’clock early in the morning sometimes, when it was till dark and the wind in the night blew a bit of chill but the all-night hit street lamps on the Yaolong Road and the gatekeepers, armed police on duty and the security police were the first to welcome us and make us feel warm. Many times at night we walked on the road, feeling cold and tired, but the next moment we saw the diligent people and that feeling would go away immediately and instead a strong feeling of warmth and vigorousness filled us. ” One volunteer YANG Chuyun lamented in the diary. 


These little volunteers officially finished their work on Mar. 29. However, the dolorous separation disturbed their peace inside. During the volunteering, the volunteers created a QQ chat group and the interesting thing was that “together” is the word most appearing in their conversation. Dedicated and persistent always hold together. It’s not just a simple word, but an impulse and belief to create beauty. They all believed firmly that their dedicated willing would finally bring them together in the near future.

Translated By Xia Qiao


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