More Than 50 Ice Flowers Went On Post at the Figure Skating World Championships

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March 18th, 2015
Written by Chuyun Yang, Youth League


Through pre-selection and training, in the morning of March 17th, more than 50 Sanda Ice Flowers (volunteers) went to the Oriental Sports Center to participate in the 2015 Figure Skating World Championships Volunteer Oath-Taking Ceremony.  The 500 Ice Flowers present from 9 Shanghai universities took solemn oaths that they would do all they could to achieve excellence, to strive to put into practice the spirit of volunteering, to bring glories to the city and the nation.




There were altogether 775 volunteers for the championships.  During the contest, volunteers took up 62 different posts spread across 62 departments to help with contest organization, opening ceremony, VIP reception, media services, security, medical services and audience services, etc.  Competitions were held from March 23rd to the 29th.  Most Sanda volunteers worked for 12 days.  8 of our volunteers started on March 16th to help with serving food and drinks, so they worked altogether 15 days. 


Translated By Wei Ding

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